• Go to your INR Wallet and select the Deposit tab.
  • Click on New Deposit Request.
  • In the next window, simply select the amount you want to deposit and click on Submit Deposit Request. Requests under ₹5,000 can only be in multiples of ₹1,000 while requests between ₹5,000 and ₹1,00,000 can only be in multiples of ₹5,000. You can also request to deposit an amount of ₹1,50,000 or ₹2,00,000 (these are the only two amounts supported above ₹1,00,000).
  • Your request will then be added to an INR transaction pool and you will be matched with withdrawers as soon as possible in a way that ensures the least number of matching peers (optimised algorithm for the most efficient matching according to number of peers, transaction value and estimated transaction time).
  • As soon as your request gets matched, you will be notified via email and SMS. You can chat with the peers who you have been matched to throughout the transaction process, i.e. till the transaction is complete. You will also receive automated reminder calls for transactions in progress.
  • The time limit for making the payment is 1 hour. An option to extend by another half an hour will be available 30 minutes after peer matching. Please use the extension option only when needed.
  • For every matching peer, click on Transaction Details to see the banking information (UPI and IMPS) for that peer. After making the payment to the peer, you will need to mark the completion of the payment.
  • The withdrawer will then be notified about your payment and will be required to confirm the same. If the withdrawer doesn’t confirm in the next 30 minutes, you will be given an option to raise a dispute against the withdrawer by submitting a valid proof of payment.

As soon as the withdrawer confirms the payment or the dispute is settled in your favour, the INR will be available on your Koinex INR Wallet for trading.