P2P is sometimes risky as the users need to place their trust on someone unknown and that the user will complete the trade without any dispute. The other exchanges which don’t provide the feature of KYC verified users have a high chance of a trade resulting in dispute and the user being scammed. To eliminate this risk, safeguard our users interest and to encourage only fair buyers and sellers on the platform we require KYC. Also, we abide by the AML and KYC policies set by authorities. We choose to create a safe and secure environment for our users, and this must created as per guidelines set by regulatory authorities. Hence, your KYC registration must be verified before you are given full access to Koinex or Loop. Don’t worry your KYC/personal information is absolutely secure on Koinex. The information is stored in a very private and confidential manner. You can find our Privacy Policy in its entirety here - https://koinex.in/privacy_policy